Maloca offers individual private sound healing sessions, group sound meditations, and private events. We can work together to personalize your experience for healing, journeying, gathering as a community, or deepening your meditation practice.

Individual sessions include consult and intention setting, crystal bowls, tuning forks, powerful skin drums, live Handpan and tongue drum music, smudging, reiki, integration, and more.

Sound bath journey w/ breathwork and guided meditation

Elevate your sound healing practice through our Musical and Instrument Training, designed specifically for sound practitioners.

Cacao Ceremony and sacred circles

Join our Cacao Ceremonies and Sacred Circles - a heart-opening blend of ritual, community, and spiritual awakening.

Musical and instrument training for sound practitioners 

Experience a Sound Bath Journey where sound healing, breathwork, and guided meditation unite, offering deep relaxation and self-discovery.

Co-creation & Collaboration with artists, health and wellness practitioners, event organizers, and more

Co-create and collaborate with artists, wellness practitioners, and event organizers to design unique, harmonious experiences.

Live music and sound therapy collaboration w/ yoga, breathwork & meditation teachers

Unwind with Live Music and Sound Therapy, working in tandem with yoga, breathwork, and meditation teachers to cultivate inner peace.

Shamanic journey / drumming

Embark on a Shamanic Journey with us, harnessing the power of drumming to connect with deeper levels of consciousness.

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