Cacao is a sacred plant medicine used traditionally in South and Central American indigenous culture, rooted in yogic and shamanic tradition. Drawing on this rich heritage, the cacao ceremonies facilitated at Maloca Sound are designed to guide participants towards inner awakening, creative guidance, and self-acceptance through the practice of breathwork, a long, immersive sound bath with live music, and dialogue to open and close the ceremony.

For thousands of years, cacao ceremonies have utilized pure cacao for its medicinal and entheogenic properties. As a natural vasodialator, cacao has been known, in the medicinal context, to promote euphoric states, connect users to the natural flow of energy within their bodies, and allow them to confront painful emotions or other subconscious traumas in need of being addressed. Cacao is known as a heart opener and a sweet gentle medicine which supports self love, healing and movement of stuck energies, which can release blocks and connect you with your highest self. It is most essentially a shamanic and spiritual journey that can have a marked effect on your creativity and ability to overcome many of the issues holding you back in day-to-day life.

A cacao ceremony can address personal and specific issues, but it should not be forgotten that it is, at heart, a communal experience in which participants become united in the general energy of the ceremony.

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