As the name suggests, a sound bath is a therapeutic practice whereby a participant is immersed in sound. Making use of the continuous production of sound as an aid to meditation, stress relief, and therapeutic healing, Maloca Sound offers sound bath sessions that unite ancient traditions of sound healing with modern techniques. While the modern concept of a sound bath may be relatively new, the shamanic tradition of using sound to induce heightened states of introversion and self-reflection is as ancient as the cultures from which they spring. This idea of spiritual cleansing music is the basis of the sound bath sessions offered at Maloca Sound and is a basic concept that will be familiar to anyone who has ever chanted an ‘om’ during a meditation or yoga session.

Generally speaking, a sound bath is a meditative experience in which participants are “bathed” in waves of sound. Precisely how this sound is produced can vary. Sounds from gongs, singing bowls, or standing bells are commonly employed, and even the human voice can play an active role in producing the ambience of frequencies that is an essential part of the sound bath. A sound bath is not, however, music therapy. Music with recognizable lyrics, rhythms, and melodies are typically not employed. Instead, participants are guided in a shamanic session to experience an ambient wash of sound, which in turn triggers a meditative state.

Participants in a sound bath will typically lie on their back in what is known among yogis as the savasana position. It is important for participants to be in a receptive frame of mind, in order to experience and “feel” the harmonic frequencies as these wash over them. A facilitator or shaman will guide such sessions, offering instruction in how to focus on the sound and receive the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Although sound baths are typically receptive experiences, interaction can play a role. In such cases a facilitator will lead the group in chants, mantras, or “rolling oms” in an experience that typically lasts between fifteen and sixty minutes.

Participating in sound bath meditation at Maloca’s Salt Lake City center will also give you the expertise to try it for yourself at home. In much the same way as guided meditation techniques can be learned, so too can sound bath meditation techniques. With the right recordings and equipment, you will have everything you need to recreate one of our sessions alone.

Individual/Partner sound healing sessions

1:1 $222 (90 Mins)

1:2 $333 (90 Mins)

1:3-4 $444 (90 Mins)

Private Group (5 or more)


Public Group Sound Ceremonies

$22-$55 per ticket, depending on the event

some events are done by Justin alone, and often collaborating/co-creating with other practitioners