As our name suggests, Maloca Sound is an organization specializing in the application of sound, vibration, energy, and music to promote wellness, self-discovery, recovery, and spiritual enlightenment. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah Maloca Sound offer a range of sound-related therapeutic and meditative services. We believe that the body and mind are intimately related to the vibrations and energy that surround us. The path to an improved mental state, meditative peace, and overall health can be opened up by the use of sound. Whether it is an immersive sound bath to aid recuperation and attain inner peace or a yoga session with live music that unifies the energy of the group, Maloca Sound maintain an unshakeable belief in the power of sound.

The services offered by Maloca Sound draw on both the latest medical and psychological science as well as a diverse range of ancient traditions. The use of sound in meditation, for example, is nothing new. From the warbling drone of the didgeridoo to the immersive reverberation of the standing bell, sound has, for centuries and across cultures, made for an integral part of the meditative experience. Advancements in science have only displayed to us what many of these traditions have always implicitly known – that we are living energy fields, that we are made up of vibrating particles and a mass of frequencies. All of these frequencies are intimately related to our emotional and mental state. If harmonized properly, the potential for well-being and spiritual self-reflection is almost endless.

The services offered at Maloca Sound are wide ranging and diverse, each catering to different needs. Maloca offers a wide range of meditation sessions that use sound in both innovative and traditional ways in order to heighten the experience. Live music meditation, and gong meditation are just two ways in which meditation and the inner ‘emptiness’ required can be more easily attained with the aid of music.

For those wishing for a more restorative healing experience, Maloca offer various music therapy and sound therapy services, each with a special emphasis on the ability of sound to aid in recovery from both physical and mental ailments. Again, these techniques draw on the latest innovations within the broad field of sound therapy and combine them with ancient traditions that have been used for centuries and for the same purposes.

Maloca Sound also offer private and group healing sessions, with techniques drawn from both medical innovation and shamanic traditions. Through these sessions, participants’ individual needs can be met. Moreover, you can even learn how to recreate some of these sessions in your own home. At Maloca Sound, you can learn the techniques necessary for sound bath meditation at home, besides much else.

We believe that sound plays an integral part in achieving better meditation, better healing, and better wellness.

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