Omway Music

Welcome to the mystical world of Omway, where music transcends mere performance and becomes a journey of healing and discovery. Join us as we delve into the soulful sounds of Justin, Dante, and Alex, who together create a symphony of healing vibrations.

omway music band
omway band
omway music band utah

About Omway

Omway is not just a band; it’s a healing experience. Each member brings their unique energy and expertise to the ensemble, creating a harmonious blend of sounds that resonate with the soul. From the soothing tones of crystal bowls and gongs to the rhythmic beats of hand pans and tongue drums, every note is played with intention and purpose.

Our Instruments

  • Crystal Bowls & Gongs: For deep, resonating sound baths that cleanse the soul.
  • Hand Pans & Tongue Drums: Creating rhythmic melodies that touch the heart.
  • String & Brass Instruments: Every string vibrates with the energy of the universe, while the brass sings the song of the earth.
  • Drum Tracks & Channeled Vocals: Beats that ground you and vocals that guide you through a mystical journey.

Our Philosophy

At Omway, we see music as medicine. Our performances are intimate gatherings where we share our sounds, not just play them. Each session is an exploration of the mystical, with lyrical meanings that flow like a river of consciousness.

Join Us

Experience the transformative power of Omway’s music. Join us at our next sound bath therapy session and let the healing sounds wash over you.