Healing Medicine Arts

A collection of NFTs supporting healing through psychedelic-assisted therapy,  breathwork, sound healing, somatic therapy and meditation. Collaborations with sound practitioners, medicine musicians, visionary artists, breathwork facilitators, yoga Nidra and nada teachers, and more. Intentional sound and visual artworks benefit healing organization like MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and SEI (Somatic Experiencing International).

Supporting the support, we give back 10%



90% artist(s)

10% to charity

85% new owner

10% to artist(s)

3% to charity

2% to mint original owner

Offering music from the heart. Hoping this work helps people heal and feel well. Hoping to inspire, generate happy feelings and good vibes, helping people to let go of pain and trauma and lean into living in alignment and finding their bliss.

Hope you enjoy these sounds. Looking forward to visual or audio collabs.