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We’re excited to share that our music group, Omway, will be sharing our intuitive music & medicine songs in a sound journey on a special Saturday night event at @cityhomecollective

You will experience a variety of sound healing instruments, handpans & tongue drums, voices, plus a myriad of instruments (mandolin, banjo, guitar, viola, violin, native American flute, trumpet, more). Since we work intuitively, we will flow on the spot, working with the energy of the room and the vibe we feel coming through to provide healing & insights, in a deep meditative state.

A little more on the facilitators:

As the son of two professional symphonic musicians, @dantegiaco has been saturated in fine music from the womb and grew up playing his whole life. Dante‘s music is rooted in all genres of life and has no limit or boundaries. The multi-instrumentalist strings together soulful melodies w/ graceful yet powerful rhythms, creating a world of lively vibrations.

@alexandermuzio is an Energy Healer, practicing various techniques to help you access your own energy for healing and amplifying your unique life intention. Practiced in Shamanic Healing, Yoga & Tarot, Alex is well rounded in various modalities to help guide you through your body & mind, energizing your sense of presence.

@malocasound has been a drummer for 27 years, but discovered his passion and distinct medicine w/ sound vibrations through his own healing journey that led him to the magic of tongue drums, hang drums, & sound healing. Justin has collected years of study on the therapeutic & esoteric properties of sound from a variety of perspectives, giving a deep understanding of how sound affects human consciousness. Following his obsession w energy, frequency, and vibration, he has spent nearly a decade working extensively with medicine ceremonies, sound meditations, & playing live music w a variety of yoga & breathwork teachers.

March 26
7-9 PM Doors @ 6:45 PM

$33 in advance, $44 day of
Venmo Justin-Crawmer to reserve

645 S. Temple
Westside of building. Park in rear


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