Is Travel Necessary for a Successful Couple’s Spiritual Retreat

Is Travel Necessary for a Successful Couples Spiritual Retreat

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There is no shortage of opportunities to go on a couple’s spiritual retreat in faraway places. In researching for this post, we found dozens of retreat options in remote locations. But is it really necessary for couples to travel? Can couples stay local and still enjoy a successful retreat?

In the simplest possible terms, traveling for a spiritual retreat is not mandatory. Where most retreats are concerned, travel isn’t the point. What makes a retreat productive is how it is conducted and the level of participation each couple exhibits. Between couples and retreat leaders, they make spiritual retreats whatever they want them to be.

With that said, there are benefits to traveling out of town for a retreat. Some of them are discussed below. As you read, bear in mind that there is no perfect location for a couple’s spiritual retreat. Every location has its pros and cons.

Something to Look Forward To

Long distance travel is not the norm for most people. Unless you travel for work, you might not leave your local area except for the annual family vacation. And if you are like most people, you look forward to that time away.

On a similar note, traveling a significant distance for a couple’s spiritual retreat can give you something to look forward to. Maybe the retreat itself makes you a little anxious but you are looking forward to the travel component. Traveling could be the motivation you need to fully participate in the retreat.

Travel Creates a Separation

It’s not unusual for couple’s spiritual retreats to capitalize on the idea of participants being separated from their normal environments. Sometimes you need that separation to take full advantage of spiritual healing. Separation is conducive to meditation, reflection, and self-awareness.

Traveling for a retreat only reinforces the idea of separation. By traveling, couples are willingly stepping outside of their routines and comfort zones to visit a location they are not familiar with. It’s hard to not feel separated under such circumstances.

Remote Locations Serve a Purpose

Continuing with the idea of separation, it is no coincidence that so many retreat locations are remote. Retreat centers are often located well away from major cities and towns. Some are on the outskirts of suburbia while others are out in the middle of nowhere. This all serves a purpose.

Holding a couple’s spiritual retreat in a remote location further enhances the goal of getting away from the normal routine. So often, couples in need of healing don’t get it because they are so bogged down by work, family obligations, and all the petty little things that interrupt daily life.

Traveling to a remote location allows couples to step back and breathe. It allows them the freedom to appreciate all the good things in life instead of constantly dwelling on the bad. Remote locations offer a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively.

Travel Makes It Harder to Quit Early

We have found that healing retreats can be challenging for first timers who don’t really know what to expect. When a retreat is conducted in a local facility, it is too easy for first timers to deal with their anxiety by going home early. Going home is harder to justify when you’ve already driven a few hours to get to the retreat location.

None of this is to say that local retreats are bad or unprofitable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, it is simply to say that there are benefits to traveling. If you have an opportunity to travel out of town for a couple’s spiritual retreat, give it some consideration.

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