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Next Tuesday, for the second event in the new weekly collab series at @cityhomecollective, we will take you on another Breathwork and Sound Journey …this time with the dynamic Katie Schiffgen (@for_the_love_of_yoga) on March 15th, offering her unique brand of powerful breathwork.

Katie is a 1000 hr certified yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga for 9 years. The type of breathwork she offers is a fusion of Holotropic, Breath of Love, Alchemy of Breath, and even sometimes Kundalini or Wim Hoff. It differs slightly every time but always leads to a similar place. The breathwork is usually done while lying down, eyes closed and music playing loudly. We breathe for an extended period of time (40+ mins) which changes your consciousness, taking you on a deep inner journey. Every journey is different for every person every time and the breath is the guide to bring you exactly what you need for your highest healing and awakening.

During the breath, I will be offering live drumming, hands on assist, tuning forks essential oils, reiki, crystals, and smudging to help you through the process. After your body has done the work and is in a deep space of relaxation, openness and sometimes bliss… I will drop you into an extended sound journey (45-60mins) using sound healing instruments like crystal bowls & harmonic chimes, plus a long set of hand pans and tongue drum music.

March 15
7-9 PM. Doors at 6:45 PM

$33 in advance, $44 day of
Venmo justin-Crawmer to hold your spot
Space is limited.

645 S. Temple
West side of building. Park in rear.

? by @humanbelight @templeofhoneyutah

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